With the way the world has been in recent times, there has never been such desperation to get out into the great outdoors and get some fresh air. A lot of the time, people find the fun and tranquility of water to be hard to resist. This is great, but certain items can help make your time more comfortable, not to mention safer.

Whatever activity it is, anytime you are walking in and around water, you may notice other people wearing water shoes. It can be hard to get by without them for certain sports, so let’s take a look at why it is a good idea to wear water shoes.


Any time you are swimming or walking in water, there is a risk of stepping on something you cannot see. In the ocean, this can be a sea urchin, or in a lake a jagged rock. Some of the hazards are going to be less painful, but it is still nice to be able to walk with confidence. A closed-toe water shoe is a good idea because it can stop the user from hurting so much when they accidentally kick a rock whilst paddling.

They offer arch support should it be needed so walking on the rocks is as comfortable as wearing quality trainers.

Better Than Shoes

Any trainer or shoe that is not built for use in the water is going to be uncomfortable as soon as you step into the shallows. Because they are not designed to let water out, they hold onto it, causing them to weigh the user down and making swimming hard. The lighter, water releasing benefits make them better suited to wearing in the water.


Anyone who has tried walking on the rocks, wether looking for crabs or just trying to get a favorable position to explore or jump into the water will know that it is a painful walk without shoes. Not only this, but any rocks by the water can be slippery, even if they don’t look it.

This is one of the main reasons so many people choose water shoes. Their rubber soles are designed to provide grip where the terrain is hazardous.

They Look Good

Part of the bad rep these shoes used to have to put up with is that they looked unfashionable. The basic designs are still around, but not manufacturers are savvy to the fact that people still want to look good when they step out of the water. This is why there are some great options available for anyone wanting the practical benefits of a water shoe, as well as aesthetically pleasing.

Quick Drying

Anyone who has worn their trainers in the water will often find that because they take a long time to dry, they either have to remove them as soon as they are out of the water, or put up with them rubbing. This is where blisters form and they stick around for along time.

A major benefit of a water shoe is that they dry fast, ensuring the wearer remains comfortable and reduces the risk of rubbing and blisters. The drainage points allow water to escape and the ventilated fabric helps them to dry.

You Don’t Ruin Your Favorite Shoes

Whether it is a running shoe or otherwise, they can cost a lot. This is why it is a good idea to let them live another day, and not ruin them by getting them wet. Wearing them in the water can cause them to spoil faster than they should and sometimes, ruin the color completely. Because water shoes are relatively inexpensive in comparison, it makes sense to wear them instead of a favorite pair of shoes.

Because they take a long time to dry, mold can even develop in your shoes, another reason to keep them on dry land.


A water shoe is an ideal footwear for a variety of activities so if you like to do more than one, they can be out to good use. Some of the most common include kayaking, fishing, boating, tubing, swimming, hiking in damp trails, and most water sports. Not only this, but any time you go to the beach, they can make it easier to leave your shoes in the car, and walk across the car park without having to tread so carefully.

They Are Secure

Some people think they can get by with sandals and flip flops around the water and not only do these have less than ideal grip, putting you at risk of a fall or slip, but they do not stay on so well in the water. A water shoe is designed to stay on no matter what so you can swim, kick-off, walk, or whatever else you like to do in comfort.

Ideal For Kids

It isn’t just us adults who can benefit from wearing water shoes, they are also well suited to kids. Although it is never a good idea to take your eyes off them when they are in and around water, it can make you feel more comfortable in their stop when they have such a grip. Not to mention, they are going to be more comfortable and easier to get on and off.

Since some camps require kids to wear protective footwear around water, they are always good to have to hand.


Lacing and unlacing regular shoes can be a pain, but since most water shoes slip-on, they are as convenient as sandals and flip flops. They still hug the feet to ensure they never feel as though they are about to come off, yet they are easy to use and make getting into the water easier.

Temperature Regulation

Since we lose a lot of our body heat through bare feet, the water is going to make this a lot worse when things are chilly. Water shoes help to stop as much cold from impacting your body, keeping feet warm and making a swim or water activity more comfortable. It works both ways. When a sandy beach is excruciating to step on, water shoes can help to stop you from tiptoeing to a beach towel for a moment’s respite.